Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Courtney Is Learning

So there is a long-standing grievance in our house that I will not do what it takes to learn how to use our professional cameras. Every time Steve starts talking about apertures and F-stops, my eyes glaze over and I feel like I am back at John Brown University in Research Methods or Statistics class.

When we shoot weddings he likes me to help out and man a camera, but he knows that he has to do all the settings for me. He also knows that there is a REALLY good chance that I am going to accidentally push some buttons and not know what to do when all my pictures start looking blue. I know, someone slap me silly please. I do have a college degree, and if I put just a teensy bit of effort into it, it would probably help. But I know if I come running Steve will shake his head and fix it for me. And I kind of like that :-)

But today...I had a breakthrough!! I decided enough is enough. I just took the big fat camera into Seth's room while the boys were playing together and started messing with buttons. I know that flash is a no no. Steve will tell you that, and
she doesn't like it either.

So I turned off the flash and used all natural window light.  I took about 50 pictures, but I got a few that I am really happy with.

And I THINK I started to understand a bit more about ISO and F-Stops in the process. I am still totally unclear on Aperture, but that is for another day.


sarah p said...

oh my WORD these are precious! i love them. both of them. (the photos AND the boys) great job, Courts. i'm with you. i took a photography class in college and i don't remember a lot of what i learned about f-stop and aperture. good for you for learning the ropes. that's one of my goals for the next year: learn the ins and outs of photography. oh, and i want to get a new camera, too.

great talking to you today! we should have facebook chats more often!

Karah said...

Good job!!! Love those!!!!!!!!!

Practice makes perfect. Before you know it it'll just be 2nd nature to shoot manually and you won't ever go back! I don't think I've used the automatic setting on my camera in 3 years. LOL!

Jen said...

Maybe you can teach me! I love taking photos but all that lingo is like a foreign language to me at the moment. I feel I could probably read about it but you know, that takes time!

julia d. hull said...

THESE ARE GREAT!!!! I'm envious that you are actually retaining the knowledge about ISO and F-stops. I still can't and don't. But I want to understand so badly to get fantastic pictures like this! And I know when I ask Steve questions and he see's MY eyes glaze over, it's dejavu for him.
Maybe YOU can explain it to a way that I'll get and remember??

MIke said...

Whoa, those pictures are really realy good! And aperture and F-stops are the same thing.

Courtney said...

Seriously Mike? They are the same thing? See I didn't even know that. I guess I can scoff at my own ignorance or rejoice that it is one less thing to learn. Geez, thanks for pointing that out to everyone!!! :-)