Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thankful...but B-U-M-M-E-D

With a capital B.

First, I want to thank everyone for all the sweet comments, emails, phone messages, and generous outpouring of LOVE shown to me yesterday on my birthday.  I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to me by a cute little old lady in a Scion.  She made my day!  (Well, my husband made my day. Thanks sweet husband!)

Also, when I picked Seth up from pre-school yesterday, I had to take him to therapy.  So when he got in the car, I said, "Seth, guess what today is?" trying to prompt him to remember, and get excited about, going to Mrs. Muggs office. Instead, he breaks into, "Happy Birthday" in full voice and sings it all the way through to me.  So lovely and sweet.  Loved every second of it!

I didn't have to cook a single meal yesterday!  Another reason to be thankful :-) We had chinese for lunch, and while Steve was teaching guitar lessons yesterday evening, I ate barbecue with my parents, sister and nephew and enjoyed some yummy birthday spice cake with caramel icing.  Ummm-ummm-good.

So there are so many reasons to be thankful.  Why am I bummed, you ask?

Well, for my birthday, Steve is supposed to take me to a concert at the House of Blues here in Dallas tomorrow night.  I REALLY like this new artist - Brooke Fraser.  

She is from Australia, and she sings with the group Hillsong United.  She also has her own music, and my sweet father-in-law has blessed me by giving me two of her albums, "Albertine" and "What to Do with Daylight". Not for my birthday, not for Christmas. They just showed up in the mail on a random Tuesday...because that's how he rolls :-) Here is a song that is getting a lot of play at some local stations here in Dallas, "Shadowfeet". Press play and tell me what you think...

So she is traveling with this group called the
Hotel Cafe Tour, and there are several other independent female artists that were going to be performing with her. Ingrid Michaelson is one of them, and if anyone remembers the Old Navy sweater commercials from last winter, she was the one that sang the theme song from that "The Way I Am".

We purchased these tickets a couple weeks ago, but you have to go on Ticketmasters website to print them off before the concert. So I went on the site this afternoon, and lo and behold, the information had changed. Brooke Fraser's name was no where to be found, and someone named Laura Jansen had been put in her place. WHHHHHHAAAATTTT?

So I did some fast searching around on the internet and found out that Brooke Fraser is sick and has had to cancel for the next two weeks of the tour. At this point, I am pretty sure I had that pained look on my face, scrunched up nose, furrowed brow, mouth gaping open slightly. I don't mind saying that these tickets were not cheap. We do not go to concerts often, and I bypassed presents this year for tickets to this concert.

Dear Brooke,

You can't be sick. You just can't. Didn't you know you were supposed to sing for my birthday?

Please get better soon.

Your fan,

P.S. And if you're not feeling better soon, just suck it up and play...cause it's my birthday, ok?

I called House of Blues and tried to appeal to the emotions of a guy named "Christian" who answered the phone at the box office. He wasn't buying any of it, said Brooke wasn't going to be able to make it and they had already replaced her with another artist; refunds.

Doesn't he know that he is ruining my birthday? (Yes, that sound you hear is the sound of Courtney having a pity-party here in the privacy of my own home. And Steve got to witness it when he came home from work...)

I have already placed the tickets for sale on Craigslist, but the problem is that the show is not sold out. So I am thinking that the first place people are going to be looking for tickets is at the venue's website. So I may be out of luck.

And maybe, just maybe, we will go and have a wonderful time. If no one comes a knockin' on Craigslist, we will be at the concert tomorrow night. You all can just pray for a miraculous change in my attitude!! Cuz I need it!! (Honesty is always the best policy)


Mike said...

Strike one house of blues. That's completely lame.

Courtney said...

Thanks Mike! I was hoping I wasn't going to get any "let go and let God" comments. AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karah said...

Oh no! I would seriously cry I think. I'm so sorry - that really stinks. :(

sarah p said...

i am SO sorry. i would be right there with you on the pity party. i tend to have some high expectations for my birthday. (case in point: almost started crying when we were getting lost on the way to my birthday dinner and couldn't find the restaurant...)

i'm glad that you had such a fun day, though. it sounds wonderful! the flowers are gorgeous. i hope that you have fun at the concert despite Brooke's absence. i'm listening to her right now and i LOVE it. i'm in a serious music drought and need NEED to get some new stuff. i think i'll put ms. brooke at the top of my list. which album should i get first?

love you!

John, Carla & Rae Shaw said...

Man, that sucks :( Sorry that this happened, especailly for your birthday. Maybe it will be good anyways, but just not the same as you expected. You go ahead and have your pity party. You deserve to! I would!

Amy said...


I just am now reading this.. I have had a friend visiting and have been out of the internet loop... Sorry!! I need to call you so we can chitty chat.

Love that Seth sang for you.. sweet boy.

I also love that you gave me a shout out regarding my always encouraging words of wisdom.. "let go and let God"
Love you!

John, Carla & Rae Shaw said...

So,how was it????

Greg Hull said...

Courtney - I had the same HOB let down!! It wasn't my birthday, but I had just found my favorite band last year, Fair to Midland. They were going to be at HOB, so I got tickets early for $10. Went down there and there was a sign up that said "Due to unfortunate circumstances Fair to Midland will not be playing tonight. So after all the anticipation, gas money, parking money, and walking, I was left with no FTM!!! I found out online that their RV broke down in El Paso the night before. :( They are a local Dallas band and I still haven't seen them. :( I was offered tickets to see another band in a couple weeks and no refund. Fortunately Craigslist made me some money on those...

julia d. hull said...

As you can tell by this being my 3rd comment, I'm catching up on your blog! I admit I should be reading emails and working but I'm procrastinating. So to this post, I just had to say that, I WOULD HAVE SOO GONE WITH YOU (invited or not ;) ) to a Brooke Fraser concert! And that just stinks that she didn't make it. Sorry.