Sunday, December 7, 2008

California Moment #1

I have California stories to tell.  I just haven't seemed to have the time to tell them!  
I think I will tell them in little spurts, when I have a pocket of time here and there.

Moment #1 -  Steve and I took a scenic drive up Mt. Baldy which is a 10,000 ft. mountain that is practically in his Dad's backyard.  Every time we go up there, we take a picture by the same cluster of beautiful white barked trees.

Steve always tells me the story of when he took a group of kids (from the children's home we worked at) to Ice House Canyon on the way up to Mt. Baldy.  He almost lost one of the small ones in the snow that day.  It was one of those "What was I thinking bringing all those kids up here by myself that day for a hike in the snow" moments.

I always hope that the ski lift will be open the day we go up.  It never has been.  Someday...

We always marvel at all the houses along this steep, twisty road headed towards the top.  Most of them look like they are carved into the side of the mountain somehow.  The places they park their cars are feet away from sheer drop-offs that go hundreds of feet down.

We rescued a beautiful, squatty, droopy basset hound named Carlos from certain death on the curvy mountain road.  Well, maybe not certain death but it seems more dramatic to think of it like that.  He had wandered from his yard and we pulled over and helped him find his way home.

We pulled over at the "Scenic Overlooks" and took pictures...because that is what you do when you don't have any kids with you!

(We won't talk about how my head looks twice as big as Steve's in the above picture.  He said it had something to do with the lens and that my face is farther forward than his.  Thanks for covering for me, babe!)

Thanks Steve and Jacey for keeping the kids ALL DAY so we could have many fun adventures and recover from 3 days (and 3 sleepless nights) of a sick kiddo!


sarah p said...

You guys are so cute. I'm so glad you could get some time away together. That last picture of you together is great...I love how it's kind of blown out. Very artsy fartsy. Steve-o: lovin' the beard. You are rockin' it.

Jen Price said...

Love the photos, Courtney! Glad ya'll could get away just the 2 of you! We'll be back on Wed. Look forward to seeing you before we head out!

nourtney said...

I love your blog. I love the pictures. I love you!

julia d. hull said...

Awesome to be able to get out and hike, love the kids but it's a nice break away, time to clear the head, breath some fresh air...glad you were able to have that opportunity!!

Amy said...

I am ashamed to say I have not read blogs very much this month... I just came over here and can not believe how far behind I am.

I love LOVE the pictures of you and Steve... Your head does NOT look bigger than his. Seriously.. your nuts. You look beautiful!