Friday, December 5, 2008

I Have Vanity Issues

Hee hee.

I still have not made my decision.  I went to the store today to look at the Black Vanity cabinet, which most people seemed to prefer.  I thought it would be made of solid wood.  It wasn't.  

Maybe I am asking for too much.  Maybe my expectations are too high.  So I poked around on the internet and found a few other options.  I have been emailing my girl friends like crazy and they have been patiently giving their opinions on each one I send them.  (You guys rock by the way!)

I promise I will let you know the one I end up choosing, and I just MIGHT post a few more to get a final vote on.

In fact, why don't I just go ahead and post one right here.  I know you have nothing better to do on your weekend than comment on bathroom vanities...

This is the one that I really like.  I have one hang-up - the way the sinks are mounted.  On most of the vanities that I have seen, the sinks are undermounted.  That means the entire surface top is smooth, one level.  On these, they are top-mounted which means there is a lip all the way around each sink.  I am just thinking that will be a booger to clean.

What do you think?


sarah p said...

Still love the cabinet on this one. The sinks wouldn't be my first choice, but I think I could live with it. Bummer that the black one isn't solid wood. I would encourage you to take your time and not feel rushed so you end up getting something that you really like and don't feel like you're settling for.

If the sinks bother you, keep looking!

John, Carla & Rae Shaw said...

Oooh, I like! But,yeah, can see where it would be a problem to clean with small boys!

Jen Price said...

I like it! The top mounted sinks are in, aren't they?

julia d. hull said...

I guess I've never been in your bathroom, I had no idea it was big enough for a double sink vanity!