Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Need Serious Help....Please

We are about to remodel our hall bathroom.  This has been in the works for many moons, but we are actually, really, most likely about to (possibly) start. Our tub is leaking, and it is about to drive my husband loony!

So I need a vote, please.  I have determined that the first thing I must pick, before I pick the tile, wall colors, fixtures, etc is the vanity (fancy name for bathroom cabinetry).  Because I have waited until the last minute and the plumber will need to know where the sink pipes need to be, I have to have this picked out and purchased before the beginning of next week.  Therefore, I cannot pick one that has to be ordered. I must choose one that is in stock at the store.

Here are the ones that are available in the store.  Could you tell me which one (or two) you like the best and why?  I like certain ones for different reasons, but I really want something that is going to stand the test of time and not look "dated" in 5 years.

#1 - Black

#2 - Off White

#3 - Warm Wood

#4 - Honey

Here is the granite top that I have picked out. It is neutral so I think it will go with all of these cabinets.


Amy said...

My vote is black or honey.

I don't know my specific reasons for this.. I just like them! :) Don't you have white right now??? Thats why I didn't vote for it... so you can have something different. :)


or Honey.

But I think Black.

life with the wisners said...

black. no question.


definitely black.

Jen Price said...

I like black. I think it will really make everything else pop!

sarah p said...

Black or White for me. I think the black is really sharp and will look great with the tile. (If you're keeping the same tile) Fun project! Can't wait to see pictures!

Courtney said... you mean keeping the same tile that is currently in the bathroom? Girl. I know it has been a while since you have been at my house (Girls Weekend 2007, has it really been that long?) but do you recall the color of tile that is on the floor? And on the walls? And on the countertop? No. No. No and No again. I am not keeping the same tile in that bathroom. I actually had someone (a close family friend who has been doing some work around our house) tell me that he would THROW UP if he had to be in that bathroom every day.

Amy said...

oooh the pretty pink tile gets no love!!!!! I think that pink tile could work if you wanted it too, but I understand you not wanting it to.

Happy to see that Black is the other's number one choice. What color were you leaning towards?

Anonymous said...

Black for sure. Once you go black...just be aware.


molly marie said...

Black. Classic. Clean. Timeless. Bold, but solid.


Warm Wood. Warm Wood hasn't gotten any votes. Warm Wood is CLASSIC. Seriously, it's wood. You don't get any more timeless than that.

julia d. hull said...

I vote for the Warm Wood.

I think Black will darken the bathroom and make it look smaller.

I think with Off-White and 2 boys-you'll see every scruff mark, stain or smear.

I think the warm wood, my 1st choice, is just dark enough that if they do get a little chocolate smudge on the cabinet it won't stand out. The warm wood is also 'wood' colored which makes it easy to match up with whatever else you want to update the bathroom with.

The honey would be my 2nd choice for all the reasons above.

Just my .02!

Peggy said...

Without a doubt... black.

(Found you through PW)

Karah said...

I love the black - that would be my vote too, although I know it's too late to vte now. HAHAHA