Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tile - Chosen and Purchased

The plumbers are here and think they will be finished by the time they leave today.  Hooray! That means we can start right after Christmas on the portion of the remodel we are doing ourselves (with the help of our ultra-handy friend Leah!)

We went and searched for tile on Saturday.  I finally settled on this really neutral ceramic tile that has the appearance of travertine stone.  There are two reasons it is better for us to use ceramic tile rather than actual Travertine: 1) Travertine is porous and uneven in texture, therefore it is harder to sweep and mop because things get caught in the crevices.  2) Ceramic is much cheaper!

So here is the tile.  We are putting 18x18 squares on the floor and 12x12 tiles in the shower.  

This is the sidesplash of the granite that is on the countertop of the vanity. The granite is really warm, so I liked how this neutral tile brought out the tan tones in the granite.

We are also going to do a row of accent tile at eye level on the shower wall. It will be a row, two or three tiles high, of this 2x2 accent tile.

In other words, we will cut this sheet of small tiles into either 2 or 3 rows and lay them side by side in a line.

Here are some examples of what an accent row of tile looks like in a shower:


julia d. hull said...

Hmmm...any chance Leah can do an angled accent tile in the first example? It's such a nice look, you shouldn't have showed us...seriously though, I'm so looking forward to 'going' in your bathroom...hehehe!

sarah p said...

i really like it. nice work picking everything out. i'm with you: the countertops are going to look great with the tan on the floor. you have a great eye for this stuff. i can't wait to see the finished product!

Amy said...

I love the tile.... it all looks so good together!!!!!!!!!

Your bathroom is going to be amazing...

I think I have now caught up on comments on your blog.)

love you

blissful_e said...

Loving this! Bee-you-tiful!

I'm with Julia about the angled accent - that looks so good!