Monday, December 29, 2008

Tomorrow is Tile Tuesday

We are laying the tile on the floor and shower walls tomorrow. Who knew that the prep work would take so long and would be so much work?!

Here are a few of the things that my friend Leah and I have been doing the last few days:

1.) A trip to Lowe's to purchase all the supplies for tiling and preparing the walls and floor.

2.) We discovered that the demolition crew wasn't quite as finished as we thought, and that required several hours of us pounding and ripping drywall and removing nails from the upper shower area.

3.) We then had to start cutting and measuring the cement board, (AKA HardieBacker to the handy folks of the world!) This might SEEM like an easy step, but when you have an old house, measurements never seem to come out quite right. So there is lot's of measuring, cutting, hauling the piece of cement board back and forth between the bathroom and outside, and then re-measuring and re-cutting. Thankfully, that is done!

4.) Then all the seams had to be taped and sealed.

Here is Leah taping the seams. Oh yah, and we have a bath tub again! Just can't use it quite yet...the kids have been running around a bit stinkier than usual.

So pretty much Leah rocks and has some mad skills in the handy department. She will literally be saving us a couple thousand dollars with all the work she is helping me do. We will be heading to Home Depot at 7am tomorrow morning to rent a tile saw and we will be tiling until we finish. So it might be a really. long. day.

Of course, we have had lot's of other things going on besides our bathroom remodel. There was Christmas...hope everyone's was Merry! My Mom and Dad took Seth to a local outdoor mall to see live reindeer and other Christmas-y fun.

I will post Christmas pictures after we get this Tile Day over and done with. Must go to bed and rest up for a long day of manual labor :-)
I will leave you with a picture of my Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake I made for Christmas dinner at my Mom's. I got the recipe from
The Pioneer Woman's website, and it was quite tasty and not too shabby in the looks department either.


Karah said...

Woohoo! Good luck tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen Price said...

Yea for Tile Tuesday! I'm sure progress must feel so nice at this point! I remember those re-model days. Not so fun but the end product makes it worth it!