Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bathroom Update

The bathroom still isn't officially "finished", but I am making progress!

For those of you who were holding out for the galloping horses shower curtain, I am sorry to say that it remains for sale on  

For those of you who liked the bargain shower curtain, I am sorry to say that it has been returned to the store it came from.  It is back at home, nestled amongst the other bargain treasures.  I decided I liked it more for its bargain status than for...well...the way it actually looked.  It was a bit fancy, and I am just not even a bit fancy.  

The new shower curtain is one solid color.  My family teases me that while growing up, I wanted everything "plain".  I liked plain birthday cakes with plain ice cream.  Well, I guess I have retained my preference for plain.

The main thing still missing is the mirror.  I am still deciding what I want.

My Dad came over and helped me install these cute corner shelves. I wasn't sure what to put on them, and then I got a fabulous suggestion from our friend
Annie who is currently working in Germany with her husband Walt.

I went to college with her sister Sarah, and we have remained great friends ever since.  Sarah and Annie (and Molly!) have some of the coolest parents around.  Steve and Kathy are so fun and welcoming and let our whole group of friends crash their house many times during the last 10+ years.  They also let us take their suburban on a road trip from Arkansas to California to Mexico and back during our senior year Spring Break '99. 

What were they thinking?  :-)

Anyway, Annie suggested that I hit up Kathy for some of her beautiful pottery that she makes on her very own pottery wheel out in their shop behind their house.  She thought it would look great on those little corner shelves.  What a wonderful idea since I already HAVE some of her mom's beautiful pottery in my house!  

I was so excited when I discovered that this pot had the exact color of the shower curtain in it!

Thanks, Kathy, for (inadvertently) helping me decorate my new bathroom!

A Question For You:  Is it weird to put a family picture in the bathroom?  


molly marie said...

I am also a fan of plain. Although not as fervent a fan as you.

And as for a family picture of the bathroom, I definitely don't think it's weird. I know what you're saying though... somehow we feel the need to put generic, impersonal, but nice photographs in the bathroom. Why is it that one room in the house has to be set aside? Maybe something about stage fright and eyes watching you? Ok, that probably ruined it for you. But really, I don't think it's weird.

Jen said...

It's looking great! I think that when you have such a beautiful family, you should display photos everywhere! :)

sarah p said...

not weird at all. it's a beautiful photo...and i love the frame! courts, the whole room looks amazing! (especially the pottery) =) i can't wait to use it!


Karah said...

Love it all!!

As for the picture, I don't think it's weird! I would maybe consider a different frame though - it's a cool frame, but it gets lost (to me) on the granite top of the sink.

And on a side note, I think there's a little boy somewhere in Texas who has been missing Leapster cartridge - I'll drop it in the mail soon! (found it behind the couch LOL).

Anonymous said...

I Love your blog! The pics are so nice :)

Leah said...

I don't think it's weird to have your pics in there but i do agree with changing the frame. I would get a dark brown frame. Too busy with the granite

julia d. hull said...

Hey I think the bathroom looks great! and I don't think it's weird at all to put a family picture up!

Alisha said...

I still can't believe that's the same bathroom! I'm glad I got to see it in person or otherwise I might not believe it. ;)