Friday, January 9, 2009

HOUSTON...we have a problem

Well, I just THOUGHT my bathroom was going to be done today.

It seems that we shouldn't have installed a baseboard behind where the vanity was going to go. The vanity is open underneath and sits on legs, which is why we put a baseboard back there.  But the baseboard keeps the vanity from being able to sit all the way against the wall which I guess is no bueno.

No bueno.

The plumbers went home and said they would be back tomorrow.  sniff sniff

Hey, if I have waited this long, I can wait one more day right?

So to pass the time while I wait, I have been online browsing shower curtains and I think I found the perfect one!


Lerah said...

Are you kidding?

sarah p said...

please be joking.

bummer about the baseboards. =(

Courtney said...

What? What's wrong with this shower curtain? I think it has a certain strength and beauty and brings a touch of nature in from the outdoors.

Jen Price said...

Courtney, you're funny. I didn't comment earlier because I wasn't sure if you were serious. But now I see others are asking the same question, "Are you serious!?"

Courtney said...

Guys, don't you know me better than that???

I am still leaving this ambiguous, I realize. :-)

julia d. hull said...

Ok I'm all caught up on the bathroom remodel now...and I'm very excited to see the final pictures! (with the REAL shower curtain)

and as a side note, we thought of you while we prayed this morning. Praying for you and the boys and your husband who is far from home but sure to be experiencing a mighty work in his life. I can't wait to read or see pictures from that blog post!