Saturday, January 10, 2009

From Ashes to Africa

I have a dear, sweet friend Amy who has written a book with her husband Josh.

It is the story of their journey towards choosing adoption, meeting their son Silas, and becoming involved in a community of people who are truly making a difference in people's lives in Africa. They are coordinating the sponsorship of an orphanage in Ethiopia and have already gotten 100 kids sponsored every month for 3 years.  They are also in the process of adopting their second child from Ethiopia...a little girl!

If you would like to support this family, buy their book!  You will not be disappointed.  Amy is a great storyteller, and Josh is an amazing writer.  You can read a sample from the book on their website if you click on the button on my sidebar, or use this link.

And I am pretty sure that there are going to be some pictures of Silas in the book, and he is definitely the cutest little Ethiopian that I know!

Here is proof:

This one kills me. Those lips!

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Amy said...

ohhh you are sweet Courts. Thanks for the Shout Out! Woots!

Love you!