Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We are nearing the home stretch....

I hope.

On Monday night, Leah and I put up the sheetrock to finish the walls.  Yesterday and today, I have been texturing the walls (in between cleaning up throw-up out of every nook, cranny and crevice of Caleb's crib, room and toys.  Sigh.)

This is what a good ol' bucket of texture (you thought I was going to say throw-up....), or joint compound, looks like.

It isn't always pink.  In fact, the first 5 gallon bucket of the stuff that I plowed through was gray when wet, then dried white.  This bucket, however, was pink when wet and dried white.  Or in Seth Horvath's opinion, it was vanilla ice cream and strawberry ice cream.  And the grout was "chocolate glue".

So basically, you just slap the stuff up on the wall and spread it around with a trowel to get whatever effect you want.  Essentially, the choice to do this type of texture is an effort to avoid having to actually pay someone who knows what they are doing.  Those people can do the smooth walls.  This gal cannot.

This is what it looks like as it starts to dry.  Certain parts are still darker gray, so you know they are still wet and need more time to dry before you paint.

Here is my Michealangelo-like wall.  

Here is what the countdown to plumbing hook-up looks like:

1.) Texture dries overnight.
2.) At 6:30pm tonight, we have people coming over to help us move the vanity from my Dad's shed to our living room.  This way, it will only need a short move down the hall on Friday.  The thing weighs 400 pounds.  Yikes.
3.) Paint the walls tomorrow, then call Leah to come over and install the base boards and caulk around the tub.
4.) Friday morning, the plumbers will be here bright and early.  We will move the vanity in, they will install the toilet, hook up the shower and tub faucet, and install the two sink faucets.

**The UPS man delivered my two new sink faucets today. I ran to the door with texture all over my hands to prevent him from doing the standard "bang, bang, bang...ring" the doorbell because Caleb was asleep. I was extremely happy to see my faucets arrive. Maybe a little too happy because I think he thought there was something wrong with me. But it could have just been the white gooey weird stuff all over my hands.**

Here they are in all their graceful beauty. I know. I know. I am talking about a faucet. Immerse yourself in a bathroom remodel and then see what crazy things YOU start saying!

Here is the stock photo I pulled off the EBay auction. Great EBay find! These were about $50 cheaper than any I could find at Home Depot or Lowe's, and since I had to buy 2, that added up to serious savings people. AND, they are really heavy, well made faucets. Score.

We won't talk about what still has to be done after that.  It's mostly cosmetic, and I just want to revel in the fact that by Friday afternoon, we will have a usable (and beautiful) bathroom!


Jen Price said...

It's fun to see the progress. I'm glad in the midst of the craziness you have time to post about it! Hope Caleb gets to feeling better soon!

Karah said...

Lookin' goood! Aw, poor Caleb (and poor you - cleaning up barf has to be one of the absolute worst jobs a parent has to endure).