Friday, January 9, 2009


The plumbers are here working and I am twiddling my thumbs.  I am just a tad bit excited for it all to be installed and see the finished room.

So this will be sort of a "I don't have anything else to do but post random picture on my blog" kind of post.

This is what things look like right now:

They are currently in the living room installing the sink faucets into the vanity. They also have to install the toilet and move the vanity in and install the granite backsplash above the sinks. I am trying not to hover.

Random Notes:

A couple weekends ago, my friends had some $115 tickets given to them for the Dallas Stars hockey game. At the last minute, they decided not to go and gave the tickets to me. I called my sister up and we headed downtown and went to the game. My first professional hockey game (I have been to a minor league game when my cousin used to play) and it was lots of fun. They won in overtime.

However, I have decided that neither of my sons will be allowed to attend any Dallas Stars games until they are 20...or older. Maybe never. :-) The "Ice" girls that come out and scrape the ice whenever there is a time out are, to put it nicely, scantily clad. During the break time between periods, the "Ice" girls ride around in the Zamboni's and do the pageant girl wave to the crowd. Riding with them each time were 5 or 6 kids, somewhere between the ages of about 8 and 12'ish that got to ride around and wave at the crowd, too. Ummm....uh uh. No thanks.

We were also on the same level as the cheerleaders. Yah, I didn't know hockey had cheerleaders, either. But they do, and you guessed it...scantily clad, and their moves were not really "family friendly" either. I am either getting old and less tolerant, or girls are wearing less clothes these days. Yikes.

*Note: Climbing down off of my soap box.*

Random Note #2 - Steve and I both had the same dream when we were kids. We both wanted a dog that would sleep in bed with us. We have let Jake go in Seth's room a few times recently while Seth is getting to sleep, and one night Steve went in to find Jake (our 80 lb. lab) asleep on Seth's twin bed with him. I don't really know if that is the type of dog we ever dreamed of having sleep with us (my dream was more about my cute little cranky cocker spaniel Nick who would never settle down and stay in the bed unless you continually pet him. As soon as your hand stopped petting, he was gone) but Seth loves it even though Jake takes up half the bed!

Random Note #3 - My husband just called me from Dubai. Do you know where Dubai is? I wasn't exactly sure until I consulted this map

Until I looked at this map, I thought Dubai was in Saudia Arabia. See Saudia Arabia? To the right of Saudia Arabia, there is an orange country named United Arab Emirates. The capital of this country is Abu Dhabi, which I think is just plain fun to say.

Did you try it? It just has a way of rolling of your tongue...

Dubai is on the northern coast of that country. He has a 5 hour layover there, then he has a 5 hour flight to Karachi, Pakistan. Can you see Karachi? It is on the southern coast of Pakistan. He will be there for about 15 days, and then will make the same trek back through Dubai, this time with a 10 hour layover. He thinks they will have some time to get outside the airport and look around a bit.


Jen Price said...

Zach and Anneke had an overnight in Dubai. I hear it is quite the city to see! Lots of money there.

sarah p said...

1. Jake is so beautiful and that picture of him and Seth together is precious. Just precious. I remember when Ebony was a puppy, I tried so hard to get her to lay (lie?) still and sleep with me on my bed. Never worked.

2. I'm a little bit in love with your shower head and faucet hardware. Seriously, love it. It's making me want to remodel something! (watch out, in-laws)

3. Dubai! Dave's favorite place ever! Although he's never been, he would love to move there. I, however, would not. That is really cool that Steve-o is there and called you. I can't wait to hear all about his trip! What is it exactly that they're doing again?

4. Didn't know hockey teams had cheerleaders either. And no, you're not getting old. The moral compass is slip, slip, slipping away. Hockey's fun to watch live, isn't it? I always thought I would hate hockey, but after I went to a game, I really liked it. What a fun night for you and your sis!

Ok. that's all I've got. We want pictures asap when they get everything in! (and try to refrain from sleeping in there tonight!) =)