Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day with Caleb

I had the privilege of hanging out with just Caleb today.  We started out with speech therapy this morning at 8:30am, and then we headed to the salon to get our haircuts.

**Cue the record scratch**

Yes, I took my two year old to my hair stylist for a hair cut.  However, I have two very good reasons for this.  #1 - I can't cut his hair.  He has totally different hair then Seth, fine and soft, and it needs to be cut with scissors and not clippers.  #2 - I still have credit with my stylist because we photographed her wedding last year.  We bartered part of the wedding fee.

So Caleb watched as I got my hair cut.  We were "warming" him up to the idea. (ha ha)  He didn't like when she put my head in the sink to wash my hair, and he for sure did not like the blow dryer.

It is now Caleb's turn.  I keep the cape on, and I pulled him up on my lap.  She starts with the scissors and he turns into crazy, thrashing, kicking, squawking child.  I was trying to bear hug him with my arms and hold his head still at the same time.  Not so easy, let me tell you.  

In the process of this 10 minute ordeal, he pulled the cape off of me, which then meant I got completely covered in his hair.  He kicked Cheryl in the stomach at least 5 times, to which she responded each time, "Oh..its ok.'s ok."  Really?  It is?  He was crying so hard he was inhaling hair into his mouth and then choking on it.  

But honestly, even though I felt so sorry for Caleb because he is two and doesn't understand why we are restraining him and going after him with scissors and letting little itchy hairs fall all over him, the whole experience was really not that bad because of Cheryl.  She just kept truckin' along, snip snip snipping away.  The fact that there was some serious weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth going on did not seem to phase her a bit.  She never acted frustrated or irritated or exasperated.  Bottom line...Cheryl rocks.

Here is Caleb's before shot:

(I took my little point and shoot camera to the salon thinking I might get some 
shots of his moppy "before" do.

Wasn't happening.  Period.)

And here is my handsome little man After:

We had to run by the grocery store after the attack of the haircut, and I just couldn't pass these up.

I know, I know. We should be phasing out of the paci's. I promise these will be my last paci purchase. Pinky Promise.
But how cute is that? (They came in a two pack)

And then, we recovered from the exhausting haircut experience by playing with trains.

I love this next shot.  Poor, smiling, unsuspecting Percy is about to be man handled by a chubby little (and probably sticky) two year old hand.  But he never stops smiling!  No matter how many times he runs off the track or crashes into another engine or is thrown across the room. Perpetually Perky Percy.


Amy said...

Nice hair cut... I am most impressed with the fact that Caleb sat still through YOUR hair cut. I took Silas with me to get my hair cute a few months ago... I only took him because I was DESPERATE to get my hair fixed. It was misery. He was loud, people stared annoyingly at me and I vowed to NEVER do it again.

Props to Caleb for being a good little trooper through your hair cut and props to Caleb for surviving his hair cut.


sarah p said...

Oh man. Sounds like quite the outing. His hair looks really good! Is this the same lady who cut my hair while I was there? She was really good. (sigh) I miss having good people who cut hair.

I'm dreading having to give Jackson another haircut. It's starting to get shaggy again. I was literally breaking a sweat after the last haircut. Dave tried to hold him really still. It was nerve-wracking! And then when I turned on the clippers, he kept his head on a swivel trying to see what the sound was coming from. When will it get easier?!

Love you guys! Great pics of him and Percy!

Karah said...

HAHAHAHAHA - LOVED this blog post. Great writing, adorable pictures! :)

Ryan is the only one of mine who has ever had his hair professionally cut (when we had grown it longer last year). You're very brave (and Cheryl deserves an award!)

Heather said...

Good job Cheryl! Looks great!