Sunday, May 24, 2009

Light for Love.

Some of you may have seen my post a few days ago with this picture:

Steve came up with the idea to start a company, sell a product, and give 100% of the profits away to missions projects that we believe in. When he first told me he wanted to make candles and sell them, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I have never made a candle, nor seen anyone make a candle. I just wasn't sure how easy or time consuming it might be.

Steve sold one of his nicest camera lenses and used all the money to buy supplies to start making candles. He bought molds, wax, a pour pot, dyes and fragrances, wicks, etc.

When Steve gets an idea, he is just an all or nothing kind of guy.

So he started making candles about two weeks ago, and I have to admit that he is pretty kick booty at it already!

Our friends Mike and Janessa came over on Friday. Mike and Steve are very like-minded guys, so Mike is into the selling candles for those in need idea as well. This is Mike:

And this is Mike's candle he made (with Butternut Pumpkin scent in case you are interested to know!):

So I was taking this picture of Mike's candle, and as I was focusing on the candle I was seeing his tatoo out of the corner of my eye.  So now we have evolved from:



light for love.

Kinda catchy, huh?  

If you don't think so, you don't have to tell me.  I posted a semi-controversial article the other day and after getting a few comments from people that might have been slightly offended by the article, I decided I am sticking to my usual subjects. To be totally transparent, I just don't much like debating at all!  I will leave the controversy to our friend Brett Tilford

So I will keep you posted as we get further into this.  We have lot's of details to figure out, but we are excited about the money that we could put into the hands of those that are being light and love to people (especially kids) around the world that desperately need it.

OK.  So while the guys were making candles, Janessa and I were knitting.  I am just getting started, so I haven't even finished my first scarf yet.  I will post a sneak peek of that in the next few days.

This is Janessa:

See Janessa knit:


blissful_e said...

Hurrah for like-minded friends! What a blessing.

sarah p said...

This is a really great idea. I love it. I want to know what the scent options are. Maybe I'd like to buy one...

Leah Poole said...

I love it!!! Love the name, idea, candels, and most of all the potential uses God will do with that money. How much is a candle? I want some.

Jen said...

What a great idea, Courtney! I love it! People getting an idea and going for it! So are we going to see pics of your knitting progress?!

Amy Bottomly said...

I love it! I am excited to see what happens with this biz. When will the site be up and active?RLC will maybe be a great place for you guys to advertise!!! Their site won't be officially launched until Sept.

I also love that the comments are pouring in for this blof post. Come on people where were you with the "controversial" post? Suckers. :)

Love you!

Karah said...

That's such a great idea, Courtney!! Now start making some yummy baked good scents and you've got yourself a customer. HAHAHAHA. Banana nut bread, cinnamon roll, you get the idea. Get right on that, wontcha?

juliadhull said...

1. I admire and respect the Horvaths so much. I think you are so cool.
2. I want to buy some candles, bring 3-4 to Arizona with you.
3. I'm jealous you get to hang out with the Nagels.