Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Arizona: Canyon Lake

I am still on Arizona time.  So are the boys, especially Caleb.  He wants to party like its 1999 until about 11pm every night. Then he wants to snooze until about 10 am.  We are working on it.
Greg and Julia live in Queen Creek, which is a suburb of Phoenix.  Our first full day there, we went to Canyon Lake by Superstition Mountain.  It was a 45 minute (windy mountain) drive from their house.  It was absolutely beautiful! 

After a particularly traumatic potty pit stop for Seth at a camping site bathroom (I shudder just to think of it.  It was Seth's worst nightmare, as the thing he hates most in life are flies and they were there in abundance) we arrived at the lake.  It is in the middle of a beautiful canyon, and we rented 2 boats to cruise around and explore.

Here are some of the views we had from the boat:

Our boys have never been on a boat before.  I don't mind saying that I was a *tad* bit nervous about Caleb being on a boat.  He can be a bit on the unpredictable side in his reactions to new things.  We were on a pontoon boat, and the only thing separating him from the lake was a rather flimsy metal railing.

I shouldn't have been worried.  It was pretty much one of Caleb's happiest hours of his short life.

Seth rode in the other boat with Grammi and Grandpa which is why I don't have many pictures of him enjoying the ride.  But trust me, he did!

From the looks of this picture, I would say Grandpa enjoyed it, too!

Steve and Caleb watching the other boat.

Here is Julia and I in our big sunglasses.  I think I remember making fun of my Mom for having big sunglasses back in the day.  Sorry Mom.

Our family portrait minus Seth.  We missed you on our boat Seth!

Nathan didn't like the boat so much.  We think he might have been sea sick, but aren't sure. He had the same, slightly pained, expression for the whole ride.

Our fearless driver/lake tour guide Greg:

(Julia, I added a little grungy texture to the edges of this one just for you.  
I was thinking of "you know who" when I did it :-)


sarah p said...

What a beautiful place! The smile on Caleb's face is the best. I love it! Boat rides are so fun. I could sit on them forever and just ride around. I love how it feels. (I felt bad for little Nathan) =(

You guys all look great!

Nanny said...

I am jealous you got to see them. lol. I really miss them and can't believe how much Nathan has grown. I love the picture where Caleb is standing holding on to the rail it is adorable. Next time you talk to them tell them I said hi. Lisa Smith

juliadhull said...

I sooo love the grungy texture and I'm sure 'she' would have liked it as well, hehehe. Good times! Seriously...

life with the wisners said...

i'm here to tell you that those pictures of your youngest?

are FABULOUS!!!!!!

the joy in his eyes.

i love these so much.

Jen said...

Looks fun! Your hair is getting so long! Oh, and I also made fun of my mom for big sunglasses. Oops!

Karah said...

Goooorgeous pics, as always!! That looks like so much fun - I know my boys would DIE to go on a boat ride :)

Greg Hull said...

Ditto on the making-fun-o-mom's-sunglasses. Julia's look HUGE! Time to make fun of her now.