Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arizona: Goldfield Ghost Town

After we left Canyon Lake, we stopped at Goldfield Ghost Town

This was our attempt at a family picture.  From afar, it doesn't look too bad.
(And there is some sweet Arizona landscape in the back, too!)

But under closer scrutiny, you might notice someone doesn't look too happy about doing a family picture.  Can you find him?

Oh....there he is.

And one more...

Julia, I've got you covered in case you ever want to put out a CD. (I seem to have a bit too much time on my hands this morning.  Please forgive me :-)


Greg Hull said...

I think that CD cover of Julia's could also be a TV show promo...Dr. Hull - Medicine Woman.

juliadhull said...

Oh my goodness-You are cracking me up! The little white hand pointing at Seth in the family picture, totally made me laugh out loud! It's not common to see a Seth picture without a smile or a small grin at the minimum. He is so not happy. And I love my CD cover...but more importantly, I like the added overlay of texture...nice! Is that an PS action? I dig the fonts you used to! hehehe!!

sarah p said...

The white hand pointing at Seth had me giggling. You're so funny. Poor Sethers. He just wasn't feelin' it, was he? =)

Courts, I really like your hair long. It looks so luscious!

Jen said...

Family pics are so hard! There's usually at least one kid that would rather be doing other things!