Monday, November 2, 2009

Our little Picasso

Remember yesterday's sneak peek pic?

Gabriel was the closest. It is, in fact...

the TV in our bedroom. The weapon of choice was

and he made sure to smear some all over the top of the dresser for good measure.

The accused:

Innocent. Angelic. Sweet. How could he EVER do such a thing?

Hmm. On second thought...


Karah said...

BAHAHAHA! Little stinker! I would have never guessed that. LOL! I was thinking something much more artsy. Although his artwork IS lovely. lol

Sarah said...

oh my goodness. WHAT did you do when you found this little masterpiece? wowza.

that last picture of him is classic.

let's try to talk sometime soon! maybe one afternoon this week?

Courtney said...

Steve is the one that found him and his handy work. Steve is also the one that had to clean it all up, and he did a really good job of it :-)

Caleb has, since this incident, gotten into my make-up bag two more times and has drawn with #1) concealer on the carpet and #2) lipstick on the carpet. For the concealer, he came to me and said "Uh-oh" and then led me to the damage. He then went and got a wet wipe out of the box and came and started rubbing it on the spots on the carpet.

Now THAT was pretty cute! :-)

julia d. hull said...

Oh my! I did not think that was a tv from the sneak peek picture, yikes. At least it was just makeup and not sharpie marker or something worse, right?! :o)

Amy Bottomly said...

LIttle toot. Funny though. :)