Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Big Shoes to Fill

We have some pretty cool friends named Mike and Janessa.

Mike and Janessa like to hang out with our boys, and our boys like to hang out with Mike and Janessa.

Mike is one of a small handful of people on the planet that Caleb really likes. Let's just say Caleb can be aloof. But when we leave and Mike is just sitting quietly on the couch (as Mike likes to do, usually while reading a book) Caleb will come and sit right next to him.

And Janessa brings Pringles, so her and the boys are best friends forever automatically.

Caleb loves to wear Mike's shoes.

Seth prefers Janessa's boots. He likes to be prepared in all types of weather.

We are glad to have the kind of friends that don't mind our kids tromping all around
the house in their shoes. Thanks guys.

1 comment:

julia d. hull said...

Just a wee bit jealous about Caleb. But I'll get over it, I got Seth as a fan. ;)