Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Difference a Door Can Make

This post has two show how much a new back door changed our whole living/kitchen area, and also confess to the embarrassingly slow progress we have made in our kitchen project.

Always start with the positive I say!

The glass is indeed half full!

I didn't take the time for great before and after photos, but I found this one that shows the old door.

This was taken on the day that
Steve and Jeremy were sanding the kitchen cabinets. January 26th to be exact.

We have always called this our Napoleon Dynamite door. Doesn't it look like it belongs in his house? Another friend, Jeff, recently christened it the Long John Silver's door. I haven't been in a Long John Silver's since I was about 8, so I will just have to trust him on that one.

All this to say, we did not like the door much. I mean, a lot of cool stuff came out of the 60's, but this door was not one of them. We actually bought a replacement door on clearance approximately 2 years ago. Give or take...but who's counting?

A very skilled friend blessed us big time by installing the door and a new screen door this week. We had no idea the difference it would really make, especially in the amount of natural light it lets in.



A couple comments about this picture:

1. Look at the light, the beautiful natural light pouring in!! Love it.

2. Yes, there is always a guitar hanging out on various pieces of furniture.

3. I still need to paint the wood moulding around the new door a crisp white.

4. Yes, it is March 12th and there are no cabinet doors on our kitchen cabinets. Which means that, in approximately a week and a half, it will have been 2 months since we began this little kitchen project.

Who would have thought we wouldn't be finished by now?? Please, no comments on that one necessary. :-)

We have run into a few "snags", the main one being the countertops. Lets just say the first go round on painting our laminate countertops did not end well. I actually took pictures during the (l-o-n-g) process, but I could not bring myself to blog about it. It was too painful. Way too many hours. Wasted. Oh my my.

And we both felt like the white paint we chose for the cabinets was too white, so I am waiting to get the countertops finished before getting the white paint tweaked at the paint store. Then I can put another coat on the cabinets and paint the doors. The doors have at least been primed!!

Maybe the shame of writing this post will produce a little fire of motivation to get things moving towards completion during Spring Break. Or maybe we will just go out and play in the beautiful weather with the boys and learn to live without kitchen cabinet doors.



blissful_e said...

The new door and all that beautiful light look GREAT!

Since you're thinking about whites, I highly recommend this article for its information on pinky beige vs yellow-y beige. TOTALLY changed my home decorating outlook.

Jen said...

Love that door! It will get done. In CT it took our kitchen 4 months before it was done. If that gives you any encouragement that 2 is ok. :)

Kim said...

Agree that the new door and all that light transforms the room. Also, before I read the rest of the post, I thought that you had gone for the open cabinet look on purpose. The house we are in right now has shelving in the kitchen that looks very similar. Anyway, just so you know at least one person saw a very modern finished cabinet job!!

Heather said...

Your wood floor now shines in the light!

Have fun with the boys while they're home!

Arielle said...

lol That door! I hated that door when we lived there 'cause I wasn't tall enough to see out the tiny window, haha. The new door looks great! :] Can't wait to see the new kitchen.