Monday, July 4, 2011

California Dreamin'

I am finally caught up with life and starting on our California photographs!  We had a truly wonderful family trip at the beginning of June.

First off, we drove...straight California.  With two kids strapped into car seats the whole way.  In a very small Kia, which means the person in the passenger seat can't lean the seat back without squashing the child behind you.

And you know what?  It was GREAT!  The kids did so good, and Steve is always a rock star driver in the wee hours of the night.  And I discovered that books on CD help me stay awake when it is my turn to drive!

We left at around 7pm, the kids were asleep by 9 and slept all the way through the night.  By the time they wake up in the morning, 12 hours of the trip is gone and they feel like it is just starting.  Now, I won't lie.  By about noon'ish we are all ready to be done with the car.  But we take long meal breaks and always try to stop somewhere that has a playground.  We got to Steve's Dad's (Steve's :-) house by about 6pm that evening.  Yes, if you just did the math, taking into consideration that we gained two hours, that equals 25 hours.  Whew!

Steve's Dad and stepmom always make us feel super welcome.  They have two rooms we can take over, which makes it so nice not to have to share a room with the kids for 10 days.  We always have so much fun just hanging out, eating meals together and talking.  They have a pool and a chocolate lab named Shurman.  If you look out the front door, the mountains are right in front of you and you can get to the beach in less than an hour.  It is chilly in the mornings and evenings and sunny in the afternoon.

It is a rough place to take a vacation, let me tell you!

This photo was actually taken on our last day right before we left, but it was the only picture we got of Steve (Grandpa), Jacey (Grammi) and both our boys together.  And Shurman of course!

Next Up...our trip to Scandia!

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TxSizeHull said...

Well now, you sold us, the Hulls want to vacation at the Horvaths in Cali!