Tuesday, July 5, 2011

California Amusement Park: Scandia

On our first full day in California, our nephew CJ was having his 8th birthday party at Scandia Amusement Park.  Seth was really, really excited!!

The first thing Seth wanted to ride was this roller coaster.  He had been on a few fast rides at Disneyland last year, but this was his first true roller coaster with a big drop.

Oh my. Steve knows his picture is being taken so he is totally posing and smiling, but still has a protective arm around Seth.  Seth has a death grip on the rail and look as if he might be reconsidering his decision to ride this thing!  He was smiling when he got off, but he didn't ask to ride it again.

When I came across this next picture later that day, I could not stop laughing.  Steve's brother Chris and his son CJ are in the last car.  Chris is obviously having a blast.  But it is the faces of the kids on the right side of the cars, starting with the little boy in the 2nd row and all the way back to CJ, that crack me up.  They all look terrified/miserable!  This is supposed to be fun, right?!?

Click on image to enlarge!  Please, please click on this and have a good laugh. :-)

Grandpa and Caleb

Steve and his brother Chris

Caleb's first roller coaster!!

Steve & Caleb are in the front, and Steve's mom Terri (Grandma) and Seth are right behind them.  Caleb looks a little better in the middle shot...I think he liked going up the hills better than going down them!

Riding the Monster Trucks with Grammi.  Now, this is more Caleb's speed!  

The boys all LOVED these bumper boats, including the grown boys.  They had guns on the front that you could use to soak the other drivers.

This is Steve and Caleb vs. Chris and Seth.  Our other nephew Malachi is at the bottom right.

They got off these boats completely soaked but with big smiles all around!

The go-karts were a big hit, too!  Grandpa and Malachi are in first, then Grammi and Caleb in 2nd, and Chris' wife Aimie and one of CJ's friends are in 3rd.  None of the kids were old enough to drive, so an adult had to drive with each child.  As you can tell, the grown ups weren't having ANY fun at all...

What a fun day with Steve's family!

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TxSizeHull said...

Um, ok, that picture with the kids terrified on the roller coaster....THAT was a good laugh! That is so stinkin funny!!!