Friday, July 27, 2012

Disneyworld: Part 1 - Our Room at Disney's Art of Animation Resort

When we left Jacksonville, we headed to the happiest place on earth.  My Mom had discovered a brand new resort on Disney property that was opening this summer called Disney's Art of Animation Resort.  They had family suites that were decorated completely in either Finding Nemo or Cars (the Little Mermaid and Lion King buildings are still under construction.)  With two little boys, the Cars family suite was right up our alley.

We were the first people to ever stay in our room.  It was totally decked out to please the kids but in a really tasteful and livable way.  It got two big thumbs up from all of us!  There was a bedroom with its own bathroom, a dining area with a table that turned into a bed (more on that later) and a couch that made into a really comfortable bed.  There was also a little kitchenette and another full bathroom off the living area.

This was the dining table/murphy bed.  All you had to do was move the chairs out of the way and pull the handles on the bed.  The bed came down and the table collapsed and became the foundation for the bed.  Genius!  Then in the next image, you can see the bed pulled down and the boys asleep.  There was a picture above their heads with a built in nightlight...a dimmer switch controlled the moon and light on Mater's barn.  Again...genius.  What fun touches for little kids to enjoy!

This is the bed pulled down and the boys snuggled down for the night.  The picture of Mater above their heads was complete with a built in night light in the form of the moon and the light above Mater on the barn.  A dimmer switch controlled how bright the lights in the picture got.  Seriously?  Genius again.

"Mickey" knew that Seth and Caleb's birthdays were both this summer (Seth's was earlier that week and Caleb's was the next month) so "Mickey" had balloon bouquets delivered to our room.  Thanks "Mickey"!  They had balloons that sang and a big stuffed Mickey at the bottom.

If you are planning a trip to Disneyworld and staying on the property, I would highly recommend this resort. Wait until you see what it looked like outside our room!


Jen Price said...

Wow! It looks amazing! So glad your boys had such a good time and that Mickey remembered their birthdays. :)

Elisa | blissfulE said...

I LOVE details like the bed/table and dimming picture nightlights! That is awesome you were the first people to ever stay in the room!! Can't wait to hear more about your time there. :)