Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Disneyworld: Part 2 - Around the Resort

Outside our room, things were just as magical! When you arrive in the lobby, there are artist sketches lining the walls of all the favorite Disney characters.  The "Cast Members" that work at the resort are seriously some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  They greeted the kids with balloons and everyone was always so happy and helpful.  I guess you are out of luck if you are having a bad day and you work there.  Better perk up and act happy!

The pool area was pretty unbelievable.  They have the biggest pool on Disneyworld property (of course, only until the next new hotel is built and builds a bigger one!) and it is decked out in the Finding Nemo theme.  The coolest feature is that when you go under water, you hear characters from the movie talking to you.  

Every night at 9pm they blow up a big movie screen and play Disney movies while you swim.  The first night we were there, the boys enjoyed Tangled as we had a late night swim.

In the Cars area where we stayed, the sidewalks looked like roads and there were life-size cars from the movie along the way.  The entrances to the buildings looked like movie sets, and in fact, they were shooting commercials to advertise the resort while we were there! Steve had to sign a waiver to get in the pool one afternoon because they were shooting a "model" family in the pool.  But even though there were film crews and cameras everywhere, they never asked you to stay out of the way or blocked anything off.  They were all incredibly friendly, greeting people as they walked by.  These Disney people know a little something about customer service!

We stayed in the Luigi building...
Seriously.  How cute is Mater?  And that little boy standing next to him is pretty darn cute, too.  :-)

We were so glad my Mom was with us on our trip.  It was so fun to experience everything with her!

It started to rain, and Caleb was no longer able to focus on smiling for the camera.  He was trying to catch rain drops.

With Nana, last picture before the real afternoon rainstorm started.  Next up, the Magic Kingdom!