Monday, September 17, 2012

Fly Guy

**I am going to start going back through my pictures from the last 6 months and blog some of the things I missed.  So these will be out of order with life as it is happening right now, but I want to have a record of these things for our family.*

Seth's assignment for school was to dress as his favorite book character. There would be a book character parade through the school, and they would carry their book with them as they marched the halls.  He picked "Fly Guy".

I had to improvise, so I bought some Mickey Mouse ears and attached half of a foam ball to each side.  We bought a headband and used pipe cleaners to make antennas.  The wings are made from something I found at Hobby Lobby - they look like pipe cleaners on steroids.  Seth loved it!

And so did Caleb...


Elisa | blissfulE said...

Very clever and cool costume!! Love how delighted your boys are with their fly gear. :)

Jen Price said...

Awesome! Love their facial expressions.