Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do These Work?

I still have a few things I am working on to complete the bathroom overhaul.  Until last week, we didn't have a mirror in the bathroom.  

That is....until I armed myself with the cordless drill and hung these babies myself.

(Ok. Here's a play-by-play: I went to Lowe's by myself to purchase the wood screws and dry wall anchors I needed. Charged up the drill and fumbled through figuring out which bit-thingy to put on the end. Used the stud finder to locate the wall studs and made sure each mirror was anchored into a stud on at least one side. Used trial and error on how big of a hole to drill into the wall for the dry wall anchors. On top of all this, the mirrors were already fitted with hanging hardware, so I had to make sure the screws I was putting in the wall were exactly the right width apart AND level.  Whew.)

It was D.I.H. day at the Horvath's. (Do It Herself. When we got married, I had a little powder blue tool kit that had "Do It Herself" printed on the outside and Steve thought that was real funny.)  Looked exactly like this one, but blue...

I had seen where people hung two small mirrors over a vanity with two sinks rather than one large one. My problem was deciding what to match the frames to. Do I try to match the wood in the vanity? Do I try to match the sink faucets and towel rings? And then I remembered that I had thrown those corner shelves in the mix, and they are a different wood than the vanity wood.

All this spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e for Courtney.

(Or it really just means that I spend way too much time thinking about it and shopping around for it when I need to be getting other things done!  Like laundry...)

These were a great find.  I felt like the dark wood frame matched the fixtures and the corner shelves, and the lighter copper accents lightened them up and helped pull in a bit of the tone of the vanity wood.

So I snatched them up and brought them home.

But I am still not sure.

They definitely match the fixtures.

Just not so sure if they match the vanity wood.

But maybe they don't need to?  Your thoughts?

OK.  And you just thought I was done.  I need one more favor.

What do I do with this wall?


Kritter Krit said...

Oh, poop, I didn't want to be the first person to comment. The pressure - of giving good decorating advice! I'm gonna crumble! =)

I love, love, LOVE the twin mirrors! I think two is definitely better than one (...and since I just have one, I'm jealous). And I think the color is great! I like how it provides a contrast to the wood in the vanity. Just say no to matchy-matchy.

As for the toilet wall, hmm. My first thought is to put a giant, framed piece of art there. You could go "hip and cool", using vibrant colors to add punch to the room. Or you could go "soothing", using blues, greens, and chocolate browns to provide a peaceful environment for bathing, brushing teeth, and having one's daily constitutional on the toilet.

But, then, art might get too moist (I used your favorite word, Sarah and Annie!) in the bathroom - what with the steam and all. So maybe that's a bad idea.

Which brings me back to hmmmmm.

It looks great, though, that part I'm sure of! =)

Amy said...

ummm indecisive much? :)

I LOVE the mirrors just as they are!!

As far the empty wall.... I can send you an 11x14 of SIlas T if you are interested. :) Ha ha ha.

I left you a long ol message tonight... disregard. :)

Do you want to come up to OKLAHOMA tomorrow???? I could use some company over the next few days...

Jen said...

Good job, Courtney! I really like the mirrors! Hmmm...good question about the wall. Long shelves?

Bill said...

Turn the toilet around and put a flat panel tv on the wall. This also solves the problem of having to reach back for the tp. Functional, yet classy.

Karah said...

OOoh, love the mirrors! They look fantastic.

Ok - now as for the toilet...

These look like a lot of work, but they look cool too. LOL.

Or you could do a cool etagere...

Or even just a cool wall cupboard - obviously not these colors, just an idea...$PD$

Oooh this one is cool...

this one is cool!

Or you could do some wrought iron sconces or something if you didn't want something as bulky as cabinets...

Leah said...

I love the mirrors. I just saw something in a model home that i think would be cool on the toilet wall. Get floating shelves that match the corner shelves and get little votive(?) candels. Next time I see you i will draw it for you. With the candels you could actually take a nice, romantic, peaceful bath.

julia d. hull said...

I love the mirrors, they look fabulous! No clue about the wall but I really liked Bill's suggestion!